Medellin, Colombia - Part 2

Thursday was the first day I had to check out Medellin. I was immediately confused because the layout of Medellin is exactly the opposite of Bogota. The rich section of Bogota is in the north, in Medellin it is in the south. I'm usually really really good with sense of direction, but it took me a day to figure out Medellin. The other thing that I noticed right away is that Medellin seems more sketchy. For example, the poverty is more visible (not saying there is more, just more visible), most shops still have bars or gates on the outside, Pablo and I had our bags search by the police, etc....

Pablo took me around town, showing me some of the famous buildings and art work. We also took one of the cable cards that runs up into the hills. Medellin is the only Colombian city to have a metro, and to make it even more extreme, the city built cable cars in order to reach the barrios in the hills. The cable cars provide for an interesting way to see the city.

After a day of sight seeing, we headed out for the night. The thing to do in Medellin is to drink in the parks. This is right up my alley. Anyone that knows me, knows that I'm not the biggest fan of bars/clubs. I really enjoyed the nightlife in Medellin.

The next few days Pablo and I just relaxed. The weather was extremely nice, except there was a constant haze over the city. I ended up not taking a ton of photos in Medellin because the lighting was flat and ugly the majority of the time.

There were many highlights in Medellin, here are a few:

  • Meeting all of Pablos friends and going out every night.
  • Driving around with his friend Maria, who owns a 1954 VW bug. So much fun!!
  • Going to Maria's farm, which is up in the hills and overlooks the whole city of Medellin.
  • Going to visit a friend in the village of Santa Elena, an hour outside Medellin.
  • Going to a spot where paragliding is popular.
  • Pablo's family taking care of me. His mom and dad were so sweet.
  • Just hanging out and learning some spanish.

By far the best part of Medellin was meeting a TON of people. Everyone (and not just Pablo's friends) were extremely nice. I just want to thank everyone I met in Medellin, let me see if I remember names.... Thanks to Pablo, Maria, Ana Maria, Sara, Henry, Cristina, Andres 1, Andres 2, Andres 3, Chico, Paule, Juan, Pablo's friend from the coast who tried teaching me spanish at 5am, everyone at Otraparte, everyone at the universities, the girls from Argentina who were touring with films that we met in Santa Elena.... geez and thats probably only half.

Medellin, Colombia The Medellin metro...

Medellin, Colombia "Love and Peace"

Medellin, Colombia Medellin was "shady."

Medellin, Colombia Still lots of fresh fruit for sale on the streets.

Medellin, Colombia A view from one of the Metrocable cars.

Medellin, Colombia Another view from the Metrocables.

Medellin, Colombia This street was full of street vendors selling bootlegged copies of porn videos (I shot this from the entrance of a church).

Medellin, Colombia This mural had a very "revolutionary" feel to me.

Medellin, Colombia Maria and Pablo and Maria's 1954 VW Bug.

Medellin, Colombia - Santa Elena A friend's house in the village of Santa Elena.

Medellin, Colombia - Bello A popular spot for paragliding. This hill overlooks the Medellin suburb of Bello.

Medellin, Colombia - overlooking the Bello. A family overlooks the town of Bello.