Medellin, Colombia - Part 3 - The End

After a wild and fast paced 12 days, my trip to Colombia was quickly coming to an end. Sometimes when you are traveling you can't wait to get home, eat a solid meal and sleep in your own bed (we have all been there at some point). This was not one of those trips. I was ready to keep going, however, I had a class to teach at Temple University that I had to be back for. If not I would have bought a bus ticket to the Caribbean coast or maybe I would have headed south to Quito, Ecuador. Well.. that will have to be another trip. If this is the first you are looking at these pictures, take a quick look at the intro I wrote. I think it sums up my experiences and reactions to colombia. So instead of being repetitive, take another read... CLICK HERE

I'll leave you with a few final photos I shot in Medellin. Pablo and I were coming back from Maria's house and got stuck in an area where, in hindsight, we probably should not have been. I have an interesting story, so ask me the next time you see me....

Medellin, Colombia Somewhere between Maria's farm and downtown.

Medellin, Colombia The national police patrolling the hill side on horses.

Medellin, Colombia Horses, shotguns and machine guns.

Medellin, Colombia Pablo and I finally made it to the Metrocable cars just before the sun went down.

Medellin, Colombia One of the barrios outside downtown Medellin.

Medellin, Colombia Getting closer to downtown.

Medellin, Colombia The sun setting on my final night in Medellin.

Cuba. On the plane ride back we flew over Cuba (you can kinda of see it). Maybe that will be my next trip...