Medellin, Colombia - Part 1

The Screenings Pablo and I were enjoying Santa Rosa so much that we ended up almost missing our bus back to Medellin. We ended up getting back with just enough time to get a bite to eat, take a shower and then head out to the next screening.

The screening was at Otraparte, a cultural center in the south of Medellin. Every wednesday night of March, Otraparte hosted screenings of VOCES. each screening featured a different set of films.

After the screenings, I did a short Q&A about my work and then had an interesting discussion that centered around what the "green" movement was like in the US. I think the most interesting point of the discussion is that despite the fact we (the USA) have a tendency to create problems, we also have the resources and brain power to fix those problems. This is obviously something that I hope will hold true in the years to come.

After the screenings, a group of us got food and drinks at the adjacent cafe/bar at Otraparte. After a very long and tiring day, sitting back and sipping on some nice Colombia rum was a real treat. I was very happy to find out that rum is the choice drink in Colombia. Its one of the few liquors i really enjoy.

Otraparte - Medellin, Colombia Otraparte - Medellin, Colombia

Otraparte - Medellin, Colombia Attendees at the festival VOCES.

Otraparte - Medellin, Colombia Otraparte had room for about 30 people, and we were happy to see all the seats were filled.

Medellin, Colombia Screenings were also head at Politecnico Colombiano, one of the universities in Medellin.

Medellin, Colombia Another shot from Politecnico Colombiano.