I had a vague plan for Korea, but nothing set in stone. When I started doing research on Korea I knew one thing for sure, I wanted to take a ferry somewhere. I decided on Jeju, the largest island off of Korea's coast (also the most southern point of the country and a popular vacation destination for Koreans, but more on that later). From Busan there is a daily (except sunday night) overnight ferry to Jeju. The ferry leaves at 7pm and arrives in Jeju 6am the next morning. In the summer this is probably amazing, but this time of year the ferry left and arrived, while it was dark out. I have never taken an overnight ferry before but it ended up being great! I sprung for the 2nd class 4 person bunk bed room (vs sleeping on the floor with upwards of 30 other people). The latter would have probably been much more interesting but I really wanted a good night of sleep. The cost for the 11 hr ferry ride was 57,000 won (or about 53 bucks).

After catching up on some photo editing and talking to my roommates for the night (two students on there way to Jeju to cycle around the island) I had a good night sleep and woke up at Jeju ferry terminal the next morning!

Ferry busan to jeju This was not my ferry, but a ferry adjacent to it. The one I was taking was about the same sizes.... just a lot older.

Ferry busan to jeju Passengers boarding.

Ferry busan to jeju Busan at dusk.

Ferry busan to jeju A worker checking tickets.

Ferry busan to jeju A small arcade on the ship.

Ferry busan to jeju Oh man, a night club. I cant say I stayed awake long enough to check it out.

Ferry busan to jeju There was this weird map highlighting different country with sterotypical pictures... I think this stereotype is "the creepy American pedophilia"

busan jeju ferry Goodbye Busan!

jeju sunraise fish markets Unfortunately I was on the wrong side of the Island to get really great shots.

img_2866.jpg Then again there is always the local fish market to check out at 6am.

jeju harbor sunraise Boats in the harbor.