Jeju Island is perhaps one of the most popular domestic tourist spots in Korea. For this reason I wasn't sure what to expect (Its been called the Hawaii of Korea). I wasn't sure if it was going to be cool or just totally over built and touristy. Well both were true. It was definitely touristy, but geared towards Koreans so that just made it even more interesting to me. The coast was fairly built up, but the minute you turned off the main road, you would hit farm land.

I was hoping to rent a motorcycle but since it was low season I couldn't find any shops with one ready to go, instead I had to settle for a 125cc scooter. I spent two days just cruising all over the Island. The 125cc could at least hit mid 50s but maxed out at 92 kph.

On the second day I rode around with Mark, an english teacher on break, who had his own 250cc motorcycle. The great thing about riding around Jeju is that it had a lot to offer scenery wise. Jeju is a volcanic island and has the highest peak in Korea. So once you started to ride up in altitude, the landscape would change. All these photos were shot within two days, I think you can probably see the diversity.

Jeju was pretty badass. This may sound silly, but Jeju was my vacation within a vacation. For this reason I didn't really take all to many photographs, I mostly just rode my 125cc around (I clocked over 300 km in two days!) and drank coffee (just like at home!).

Jeju Over looking the island of Udo.

img_2911.jpg jeju #1 - Climbing to the top of Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak (north eastern side of the island) #2 - Beach on the north west coast.

Jeju Seongsan Ilchulbaong Peak

Jeju flowers Wild flowers near the coast.

Jeju scooter My beast... actually it had a sticker on it that said "my bike is a beast"

jeju img_3019.jpg An island and a horse.

jeju lava tubes Underground lava tubes, one of the longest in the world.

Jeju scooter Continuing along the coast on the second day.

jeju wind farm jeju #1 - Wind farm, north west coast. #2 - Directly behind the wind farm, traditional burial mound.

img_3090.jpg On the second day the wind got really nasty, so at this point we turned inland.

jeju farmer co-op Shortly after turning inland we can across this farmer co-op.

Jeju Climbing up on route 1117, the scenery quickly began to change.

jeju Up at about 700 meters, looking out towards the sea. I would have loved to have kept claiming, but the scooter didnt like the step hills.

The loving Hunt A vegetarian restaurant called "the loving hunt" it was great to have a veggie burger, in fact i ate three!

Jeju batting cages Directly behind "the loving hunt" was a random batting cage right on the street. 500 won (less then 50 cents) for 10 balls! I couldn't resist. I visited the batting cages a few times.

img_2878.jpg Sunset at the harbor.