I spent the rest of my time in Busan just wondering around, seeing the beaches, a few more Temples and the harbor during the day. Busan harbor. Loading fish off the boats into trucks.

Busan harbor. Fish boxes.

img_2609.jpg The harbor had a nice raw feel and there didn't seem to be any parts off limits.

Busan fish market Busan fish market The docks and the market.

Busan street food. Busan street food, an entire alleyway!

Busan fish market These guys approached me and had me take a snapshot of them with one of Busan's many bridges (which everyone seems super proud of) and the background.

Busan fish market Busan fish market The tough women of the fish market.

img_2606.jpg Sunset at the fish market.

Budda by the beach Buddha by the beach.

No smoking sign, Busan Korea The best no smoking sign I have ever seen. This thing much have been 10 feet tall.