I was really really looking forward to the ferry ride from Jeju to Mokpo and then the KTX train ride from Mokpo to Seoul… but unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worst and I was stuck with a few nasty days! Next time I visit Korea I'll make sure to do so in the summer! I ended up taking the slow ferry to from Jeju to Mokpo, about 5 hours. I stayed the night in Mokpo and then took the KTX (Korea's fast trains... not as cool as japanese fast trains but a WHOLE lot cheaper!) to Seoul, about 3 and a half hours. All in all it was pretty simple and fast!

Ferry Jeju to Mokpo Pushing off from the port in Jeju.

img_3225.jpg The open sea.

island between mokpo and jeju Train ride from mokpo to Seoul

1) One of the many islands between Jeju and Mokpo 2) A shot out the window of the KTX train from Mokpo to Seoul