This past summer a good buddy of mine was getting married in Iceland.  Having spent 2 weeks in Iceland just a few years ago (and at almost exactly the same time of year), I wanted to check out somewhere new en route.  My girlfriend and I had become obsessed with The Faroe Islands after following the country's official Instagram feed.

The Faroe Islands are a island nation halfway between Iceland and Norway, with a total population is less then 50,000.  Needless to say, the Faroes are not easy to get too (Unless you are already in Iceland, Scotland or Denmark).  After realizing it would be cheaper to book flights from Reykjavík to The Faroes, then spend a week in Iceland (Iceland because very very expensive during peak season), my girlfriend and I jumped at the opportunity to visit such a unique and remote place.

I'll let the photos (and above video) speak for themselves.  But one last note; the Faroe Islands really had a "not-yet-spoiled" feel to them.  Its what I imagined Iceland was like 20 years ago.  The Faroe Islands (18 in total) is fairly compacted.  You can drive nearly half the county in a day although you'll need a lot more time for all the amazing hiking.

The Faroe Islands are one of the most unique places I have ever visited and definitely in the top 5 trips I have ever taken.   Don't miss them if you ever have the opportunity! 

OFF TO ICELAND: After the Faroe Islands we stopped in Iceland for 4 days for our friends wedding.  What a blur, and what a blast!  After the Faroe Islands, Iceland seemed congested and one giant tourist scam... Iceland is definitely worth visiting, I'd just suggest going during the low season or shoulder season.