The Continual March to Solitude

While trekking Kilimanjaro earlier this year, I brought along a c300.  I shot somewhat aimlessly, not really short what I'd make out of it.  Well, after milling it about, this is the short I came up with.  Check it out: 

"The Continual March to Solitude is an experimental short film created out of recent footage shot while trekking Kilimanjaro and an archival recording of “The Snow of Kilimanjaro.” The audio was repurposed and re-edited (like you would do with an interview) to create a new story about the continual quest for exploration and adventure."

This film was shot during the low season (Early April), when Kilimanjaro sees its least amount of visitors. Footage was collected over the 6 day trek, and shot at altitudes ranging from 6,000ft to 19,341 ft. The low season surprised us with a crowd-less and snowcapped peak.

For more information about trekking Kilimanjaro in the off season, check my previous blog post.

Director/DP: Andrew David Watson
Sound Mix: Julienne Guffain
Music: “Cave of Swimmers” by Blake Ewing | The Music Bed
Featuring: Emanual Motta of Origin Trails Tanzania