After shooting for nearly 3 weeks straight, I decided I wanted to start my trip off in the most relaxing means possible... so i booked a train ticket down to Kyoto to see some sights, eat some good tofu and relax.  Here are a few "touristy" shots of Kyoto.  Not that I have seen a lot of Japan, but Kyoto exceeded all expectations and I would highly recommended it! img_0980.jpg If you know me, then you know I love trains! Kyoto Station.

img_1223.jpg Kyoto Station.

img_1084.jpg The highlight of the first day was checking out Fushimi Inari Shrine, which has thousands of red arches on the way to a mountain peak that over looks Kyoto. This is pretty typical, but I had to grab a shot.

Fushimi Inari Shrine Fushimi Inari Shrine #2

Fushimi Inari Shrine One of the many shires on the way up.

img_1119.jpg A moss covered walk way at the silver temple... lots of tempes in Kyoto.

img_0996.jpg img_1268.jpg #1 - There are tons of small alleyways downtown, which are lots of fun to wonder around. Japan reminds me of Europe, just a lot weirder. #2 - Man at dusk.

img_1262.jpg Alleyway in downtown.

img_1160.jpg The major highlight of the second day was checking out the Bamboo forest.

which also looked like this. which also looked like this.

img_1185.jpg and this.

img_1184.jpg This was probably about at least 10 inches wide. This spot really reminded me of the Red Woods in CA.

img_1195.jpg Japan really like putting eggs in / on everything. It supposedly dates back to WWII and if you had eggs, you had money, so its a sign of wealth. But i could be totally wrong.