After Kyoto I headed up to Tokyo (via the Bullet Train!!!!) to visit my good friend Kristen.  Tokyo is a massive city (duh) and a bit more spread out then I thought it would be.  Tokyo definitely lived up to all its hype and stories I have heard.  Except for the fact it REALLY burnt a hole in my wallet, I really enjoyed it!  The weather could have been a bit nicer, but thats what you get when you travel during the low season. img_1751.jpg The famous Shibuya crossing.

img_1688.jpg Shibuya neighborhood.

img_1484.jpg Takadanobaba at night.

img_1465.jpg Takadanobaba #2

img_1472.jpg Takadanobaba #3

Takadanobaba Takadanobaba #4

Workers at Takadanobaba Station. Workers at Takadanobaba Station.

img_1510.jpg img_1657.jpg Smoker and Lights.

img_1672.jpg What do you wanna buy from a vending machine?

img_1558.jpg MASSIVE!!!

img_1565.jpg Police at the Imperial Palace.

img_1391.jpg Bike Police!

img_1398.jpg I'm all for bike culture but when cities regulate bike parking and fine people.... i dunno, makes me like the lawless streets of philly and NYC.

img_1627.jpg There is a lot of bad English in Japan, but this is boarder line offensive.

img_1502.jpg I kept walking on the right and getting in people's way. So tough to break that habit.

img_1620.jpg Gotta love Neon and bright lights if your gonna love Tokyo.