I love cars, maybe not as much as motorcycles, but damn close. My dad was a gear head and my grandfather was an auto body mechanic.  So when the opportunity came to pitch on a project for Porsche, I was stoked.

Working with Picture Farm Production, and the agencies Cramer-Krasselt, Fake Love, PHD, we had the changeling of creating commercial level spots while working around an actual wedding with real talent!  The most important goal was to not interfere with the actual wedding and to really respect the couples big day (something I can totally understand since I just got married myself).

We ended splitting production between the couples real wedding day, where we shot very doc style, combined with a pick up day with a Russian Arm.  I really love the documentary world and I also love shooting sexy footage, so this project was absolutely project for me.  The final edits are pretty fun and getting to spend multiple days at the Atlanta Porsche track was just icing on the cake! 

picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-18.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-32.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-41.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-45.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-63.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-91.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-173.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-185.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-201.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-205.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-211.jpg
picture farm.porsche.awhitlatch-221.jpg

A sports car wedding you could only dream up. A real couple, a real moment and some really fast cars!

Client: Porsche USA
Cramer-Krasselt, Fake Love, PHD
Production Company: Picture Farm Productions
Director / DP: Andrew David Watson
Atlanta Russian Arm: Filmotechnic USA