Ugh, I've been back from China for a while now but I've been so busy with gigs and catching up on work I've been having a hard time getting the rest of the photos edited. So hopefully within the next few days I'll have all the photos up. Here are a few additional shots from Beijing. The majority of the time I was in Beijing I was shooting video, so unfortunately I do not have a ton of stills from Beijing. Forbidden Palace The government shut down the entire downtown area (including the metro lines and bus lines) to have a dress rehearsal of their National Day parade (which is Oct 1st). This photo was taken right before I was told that i was "forbidden" to be in that area... oh the irony of the Policeman's choice of words.

tien’man square beijing A mother and daughter wait for the daily flag ceremony at Tien'man Square.

Tien’man Square. New army recruits at the Forbidden Palace.

Homeless, Beijing Homeless, Beijing

Construction, Beijing The one similar trait i noticed between ALL chinese cities was the constant construction.

china, public domain Public domain takes a whole new meaning in China. If the PRC wants to tear down your entire village, no problem! Honestly the displacement for new construction was the one thing that reminded me that I was in fact in a communist country.

driving beijing Oh the driving! I'm not even going to get into it.

The Great Wall of China. No matter how touristy it is, I had to go see the great wall. At least the rain kept some people away.