Nanjing was the last production stop on the shoot for "Play Money." Unfortunately I do not have any still photos from Nanjing. If you happen to watch my China 5d montage, you'll see some beautiful tree lined streets (which is Nanjing). I will say that Nanjing was one of the pretties cities I visited while in China! Nanjing is only about 3 hours away from Shanghai by fast train. Its also on the rail line between Beijing and Shanghai, making it pretty easy to get too. If you are planning a trip to China and are only going between Beijing and Shanghai, consider a quick stop over in Nanjing. I would say its worth it!

Like I said Nanjing was the last stop on the shoot. After about 14 days straight of shooting, it was a great feeling to wrap up the China production portion of the film. Since I do not have any photos from Nanjing, I'll post some "behind the scene" photos.

PLAY MONEY FEATURE DOC Anthony Gilmore, Director / Producer of Play Money. (Changsha)

play money Anthony and Jared, one of our main subjects. Jared is American but currently works in the RMT industry in china. He also speaks fluent meridian. (Changsha)

Andrew David Watson - China That would be myself trying to blend in... isn't working, is it? (Changsha)

Mitch’s Jeep This was our production Jeep in Beijing. We got a lot of looks in this thing. The guy who owns this is an American photographer living in Beijing named Mitch Pe Masilun, Check out his photo site.(Beijing)

Chairman Mao Chairman Mao, enough said! haha. (Beijing)

Studio set up in China HVX200a, Letus, Canon Lenses, Zacuto Support, Marshall Monitor, Kino Flow Diva, Boom, Lav, Sachtler Sticks... this is what our interview set up looked like (Rural Beijing). This was our camera "A" set up....

Changsha Red Hair Freak! ...and our B-camera was a Canon 5d mkII, which was suppose to keep us low profile, but I guess people in Changsha don't often see red headed foreigners shooting video with a still camera (photo via Anthony's iphone, Thanks Anthony!).