After spending the first 2 + weeks in major cities, I decided I wanted to see something more nature based. A good friend of mine (Hey Kristen thanks for the advice!!!) traveled through China and recommended checking out Guilin and Yangshuo, which are famous for their limestone peaks (the back of the 20 yuan note). Although I would have loved to have taken a train from Shanghai to Guilin, I ended up flying. (It was about the same price and the flight was about an hour, the train would have been about 20 hours). Kristen mentioned that Guilin was alright but the real spot to check out was Yangshuo. So I flew into Guilin and stayed for the night and the next morning I took off to Yangshuo (next blog post).

Guilin was pretty and there were some good restaurants there, but overall it was pretty touristy and not in a good way. In the long run I'm really glad I only stay for a night. If you are heading this way you'll most likely have to pass through Guilin, since Yangshuo does not have an airport or train station, but I would recommend not spending much time in Guilin. Here are a few photos:



Guilin back alleyways