I spent the last two weeks working with Anthony Gilmore shooting what is hopefully the last big portion of the feature doc Play Money. We shot in Portland, San Francisco, Santa Cruz, LA and Chicago. It was a nice little tour of the US but now we're off to Japan for the final week of shooting! Here are a few photos from the last two weeks! img_0031.jpg We started the shoot off by filming on Mt. Hood. One of our subjects is a amateur photographer and he took us on a quest to find good photos!

img_0072.jpg Somewhere in the woods of Washington State.

img_0088.jpg As we got higher up in the mountains we got into some serious snow, it got a little scary.

img_0155.jpg We ate a lot of Mexican food on the trip and this taco truck was by far the best!

img_0163.jpg Anthony after a fulfilling meal!

img_0183.jpg We drove from Portland to Santa Cruz... long but beautiful drive.

img_0203.jpg One of the many surprises along the way!

img_0239.jpg Shooting with my portable dolly. Capitola, CA.

img_0334.jpg Capitola at sunset. I shot this from a cafe while drinking some espresso, man sometimes I wonder why I live on the east coast!

img_0530.jpg Venice Beach, CA. Believe it or not, this was my first time in LA. No thanks!

img_0632.jpg I didn't take many photos in LA, but I had to take this one.

img_0712.jpg After a week and a half on the west coast, shooting in Chicago in February was painful! Shooting on the 7d in front of the Chicago Board of Trade.