I've been slacking hardcore about putting up photos.  But now that its the middle of the winter and I'm stuck inside on the weekend when I much rather be outside riding bikes, I figure its a good time to put up some photos! So this past fall I was traveling almost non-stop.  While shooting for the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange project I ended up going to Berlin, Buenos Aires and Toronto.  Then in December I headed to London to shoot a project for PUMA.  Here are a handful of photos from those trips!

BERLIN! berlin I missed the charm of Europe, its been three years since I was there last. Berlin was awesome!

berlin I loved this.

berlin Jewish memorial.

Hotel Adlon Between some tech issues with the rental cameras and long hours, the shoot in Berlin was pretty tough, but staying at Hotel Adlon made up for the street. The hotel room was by far nicer then my apartment in NYC. Man, this place was sweet, the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at!


Next up was a trip to Buenos Aires. I flew in a day early and got a chance to walk around and "scout" the city. I also stay an extra day and made it out to the Tigre Delta, which was really cool and reminded me a lot of New Orleans! Highlights included coffee, cafes and more coffee! Oh and the food, my god, the food. No matter where we went, we had amazing food!

BA La Recoleta Cemetery and a street musician.

La Boca La Boca neighborhood.

La Boca La Boca at sunset. Great light.

BA coffee Lots of great and cheap coffee. Cafe creama was my favorite (picture cafe con leche)

coffee shop BA and with coffee comes really cool coffee shops.

tigre delta Boat ride through the Tigre delta.

tigre delta gas station in the Tigre delta.


The final international trip I took this fall was a week trip to London to shoot a project for PUMA. I was staying and shooting about 45 minutes outside of London, but I made it into London a few times to get dinner. The job was extremely demanding so I kinda took a break from my camera at night, but here are a few stills i snapped off.