Santa Rosa de Osos - Part 1

After the overnight bus ride I met up with my friend Pablo. Pablo is the founder and curator of VOCES, the first environmental film festival of Colombia (the whole reason I came to Colombia). He grew up in Colombia and then studied in Canada. After finishing a degree in environmental engineering and another in environmental protection technologies, Pablo decided to come back to Colombia to put on the festival. We headed back to Pablo's family house where his parents made me breakfast and took care of me. After a short rest, Pablo and I headed back to the bus station to catch a bus to Santa Rosa De Osos, a small town 2 hours outside Medellin.

After another crazy bus ride we arrived in Santa Rosa. With help of his friend Jhando, who works for the local government, Pablo set up a series of screenings throughout Santa Rosa that would take place the next couple of days.

The biggest surprise of the trip came when we arrived in Santa Rosa. We were informed that we were guest of the town and that they had a room for us in the main hotel (which was actually pretty posh). Pablo and I were told to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel's restaurant and that the town would take care of the bill. Yup, thats right. Pablo and I were honored guest!!!

Santa Rosa is a fairly idealistic town. Its main agriculture is farming and milk production. The total population is around 40,000 with 18,000 living in the "urban" section and the rest living in little villages throughout the surrounding area. I really really enjoyed the town.

The whole purpose of the trip for me was to shoot a photo project about the festival and also present some work, which meant it was time to get serious. I ended up shooting a TON of photos in Santa Rosa. To start things off with, here are some photos of the town and its citizens.

Santa Rosa de Osos The ride from Medellin to Santa Rosa was beautiful.

img_1873.jpg Passing a semi. There is pretty much a straight drop on the other side of the road. Scary.

Santa Rosa de Osos The main square in Santa Rosa de Osos.

Santa Rosa de Osos Land Cruiser galore.

Santa Rosa de Osos No this is not a party bus. These buses are still used to transport milk and people from the villages to the main square.

Another view. Another view.

Santa Rosa de Osos Santa Rosa had the classic afternoon rain showers everyday.

Santa Rosa de Osos Which resulted in cool shots...

Santa Rosa de Osos ... and nice "mood" shots.

Santa Rosa de Osos Santa Rosa's bike shop.

Santa Rosa de Osos Santa Rosa seemed very safe to me, but there was still a fair amount of army patrolling the town.

Santa Rosa de Osos Local "cowboys" hanging outside a bar/coffee shop.

Santa Rosa de Osos This look (style wise) was very common of the men in Santa Rosa.

Santa Rosa de Osos Interesting choice of lighting.

Santa Rosa de Osos Very pretty sunset after a sudden down pour.