Santa Rosa de Osos - Part 4

The Screenings Over the next few days Pablo and I did a series of screenings in Santa Rosa. I did another few Q&As, we screened films for students, we screened films for the government and I did a short interview with the Mayor.

The screenings went really well. It was refreshing to see that the town of Santa Rosa took them very serious and is committed to improving the environment. As Carlos Mario Rojas, the Mayor of Santa Rosa, told me "I think the festival is a great idea. It makes us do a reflection about our community."

Once again I was very impressed with Pablo and Jhonda's hard work. It really paid off.

Santa Rosa de Osos A flier for the screenings in Santa Rosa's main bus station.

Santa Rosa de Osos The festival VOCES had several screenings at Unidad Cultural Integral, Santa Rosa's main theater.

Santa Rosa de Osos One of the animations in the selection of films.

Santa Rosa de Osos Inside Unidad Cultural Integral.

Santa Rosa de Osos Several school children watch from the balcony of the theater.

Santa Rosa de Osos In order to inspire a whole new generation of "green" thinking, Pablo has scheduled a number of screenings for school children.

Santa Rosa de Osos At each screening Pablo promotes an active discussion about environmental issues facing current day Colombia.

Santa Rosa de Osos A school child gives his input.

Santa Rosa de Osos School children in Santa Rosa watch a selection of short films.

Santa Rosa de Osos School children listen to Pablo speak.

Santa Rosa de Osos School children are entertained by various animation and creative "eco" themed films.

Santa Rosa de Osos Lacking his own projector, Pablo screens the films on what ever means is available.

Santa Rosa de Osos In just 20 screenings, the festival VOCES has reached over 2,000 participants, mostly school children. In total the festival will have over 30 screenings.

Santa Rosa de Osos Pablo engages the students in Santa Rosa. Pablo believes "our process of modernization comes with responsibility over our natural resources and a better future for the next generation."